Our Mission

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the lack of transparency and potential for corruption in health systems around the world. Every day, around the world, people suffer and die as a consequence. For some, the only access to treatment is by paying bribes.

Others receive bogus, unsafe or ineffectual treatments, while billions earmarked by governments are wasted on corrupt and opaque procurement of medicine, services and health care facilities.

Even before the pandemic, corruption took a huge toll on global health care. Of the $7.5trillion spent globally on health, the WHO estimated $500bn was lost to corruption every year.  That is more than enough to achieve healthcare for all – a key United Nations commitment.  That figure is likely to have soared in the wake of Covid-19.

Our Vision is a world free from corruption, where people have access to the health care they need, and where every penny earmarked for the sector goes to improve a country’s health care services.

Our Mission is to ensure effective, accountable and transparent health systems which leave no room for corruption and deliver Universal Health Coverage, a key United Nations Commitment.

Our three areas of focus are key points of influence in the health care system:

  • Research and Development of new technologies and drugs
  • Procurement and allocation of resources
  • Health care deliver to the patient

By ensuring transparency in these three areas, we can ensure that there is a greater degree of transparency across the whole health system.

As countries emerge from the worst of the pandemic, there will be increased pressure on health systems to be efficient and effective.

We will use this opportunity to embed greater transparency into national health systems, and ensure that global health actors, including key multilaterals such as the WHO, and World Bank, champion transparency, and embed it into their strategies, and approaches.