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2023 marks a moment for reflection and action as we reach the midpoint on the countdown to realising the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. ‘Health for all’, Goal 3, is one of the ambitious commitments countries of the United Nations signed up to in 2015.

There remains some road to travel by 2030, with corruption continuing to compromise progress. Indeed, USAID Administrator Samantha Power recently highlighted the understanding that funds lost annually to corruption are more than enough to fund universal health coverage tomorrow.

Events to look forward to

Throughout the year you can join a series of online events delivered by Transparency International, USAID and the World Health Organisation’s Global Network for Anti-Corruption, Transparency and Accountability.


Quantifying corruption losses in health  

Our first event this year took place on Tuesday April 18. It focused on what works in addressing corruption within the health sector.

Researchers and practitioners shared insider perspectives on quantifying losses to make a business case to overcome corruption in health systems.

Attendees also learned of the “hotspots” in health systems corruption hitting patients hardest in Uganda.


Ending impunity to corruption in health systems  |  Thursday June 1, 14:30 GMT+1

Our second event took place on Thursday June 1.

How do we end impunity to corruption in health? Adequate oversight and accountability can ensure that money meant for the health sector doesn’t go into the pockets of corrupt individuals.

Join us for this next webinar in our series in partnership with USAID and GNACTA where we will be talking about how we recover funds lost to corruption in health systems and build in robust oversight and accountability mechanisms to prevent money being lost.

This panel discussion will feature representatives from the Global Fund’s (GFATM) Office of the Inspector General, Supreme Audit Organisations, and those investigating and recovering funds.

Absenteeism in healthcare: poor practice or corruption? |  Thursday June 12, 16:00 GMT+1

Our third event took place on Thursday June 12.

Absenteeism – or the absence of frontline health workers in public sector facilities – is widespread in some countries, leaving patients unable to access vital care when they need it most.

This webinar covered why absenteeism persists in health systems worldwide, whether it constitutes corruption and how we can address it to deliver sustainable healthcare for all.


Future events will cover topics including ending impunity to corruption, getting action on falsified medicines, and corruption in pandemic preparedness and response. Further details and links to the registration page will be made available in due course.