Greek pharma bribery scandal underlines cost of corruption in healthcare

 7th February 2018, London – Allegations by Greek prosecutors that a pharmaceutical company paid bribes to doctors to prescribe their drugs at unnecessarily high prices, underlines the very real human impact of corruption in the health sector.

The Prosecutors in the case believe that the alleged price-fixing may have cost the state billions, impacting both the ability of patients to receive adequate care, as well as damaging state services in other sectors during a time of economic instability.

Eight former ministers and two former prime ministers have also been named in the investigation.

Rachel Cooper, Director of Transparency International Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare, said:

“Corruption in the health sector can very often be the difference between life and death. It is heart-breaking to think of the individuals in Greece who could have been denied access to life-saving treatment as a result of a company paying bribes to hike up prices. This abuse of power undermines public health efforts and serves to further dissolve public trust in the ability of pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide their products fairly and legally. It is vital that these allegations are properly investigated and those both paying and receiving bribes are punished accordingly.”



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