Open Contracting for Health (OC4H)

When procurement goes wrong, the quality of health services decreases and in many countries citizens end up paying for their health out-of-pocket. Corruption in health procurement can result in medicines shortages, inflated drug prices and the infiltration of falsified and substandard medicines into the health system.

Open contracting is the practice of publishing and using accessible procurement cycle information to ensure that the vast sums of public money are spent honestly, fairly and effectively.

This approach uses government transparency to foster participation between public bodies, business and civil society and boost the integrity, fairness and efficiency of public contracting.

The Project

The initiative is currently scaling up across 5 countries in Asia and Africa aiming for the following three outcomes:

  1. Build governments’ capacities to implement open contracting in public health procurement.
  2. Facilitate the diversity of suppliers in health sector public procurement while bringing together small, medium and large enterprises.
  3. Increase sustainable engagement of civil society in public procurement processes through network strengthening and capacity building