Our Mission

Every day, all around the world, people suffer and die due to corruption in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. Our vision is a world where less corruption leads to improved global health and healthcare outcomes, leaving no one behind.

Building on twenty years of experience in this and other sectors, Transparency International’s Health Initiative is taking up the challenge of understanding, identifying and combatting corruption in this vital sector. The Programme wants to achieve genuine change in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector through reducing corruption and promoting transparency, integrity and accountability.

Programme activities will be prioritised around five areas in health systems: research & development; manufacturing; procurement and distribution; marketing; and service delivery. These were identified following extensive stakeholder engagement and the programme’s foundational research.

Our mission is to target global, national and local interventions. Ongoing research and the lessons drawn from regional and national projects will be used to influence global policy to produce structural change within the health sector; promote global best practice standards to strengthen transparency and accountability; and support national and local interventions and solutions.