Clinical Trial Transparency

Clinical trials are a key driver of medical innovation and progress, but scientists have known for decades that the existing evidence base on drugs and medical devices is incomplete and biased due to the opacity of clinical trials. The medical community, the private sector and public bodies all lack access to reliable information on the benefits and harms of drugs, devices and treatments. The negative consequences of this lack of transparency are severe:

  • Patients are harmed
  • Public health agencies cannot make informed decisions
  • Public health funds are wasted
  • Medical progress is slowed down
  • Shareholders are exposed to substantial risks

This lack of transparency in clinical trials can increase the risk for undue influence, manipulation of data and evidence distortion. It is a symptom of limited regulatory authority over the reporting process. It opens the door to fraud and corruption and undermines both medical advances and public health objectives. This report explains how to implement clinical trial transparency.

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